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Site Licensing

Provide quality education as you build your IV team.

An all access pass. Site Licensing allows hospital administrators to provide quality vascular access education to their entire nursing staff for one discounted rate. Site licensing allows unlimited access to all PICC Excellence, Inc. courses for an entire year from the date of purchase.

What You’re Getting

Hiring a professional to train your PICC staff can be an expensive and complicated proposition. Coordinating available space, arranging schedules so pertinent clinicians are available for one or two day training sessions and the cost in man hours all add up to a higher cost for training than anticipated.

Our educational site license allows you to tailor your training expenses to meet your exact needs. Clinicians can learn individually, coordinate their personal schedules or even take courses from their own homes. This individualized training schedule presents a significant savings to your hospital or organization. Testing is done online; successful completion of a program and the corresponding test allows the clinician to immediately print a certificate showing completion of the course. No more waiting for education certificates to be mailed!

Premium Level Site License - This license is ideal for any facility needing to provide easily accessible education to a large number of clinicians.

The Premium User Site License is $4995 for up to 100 Users for one facility.

For multi-facility organizations, each added facility costs an additional $1,500 per year. Contact us at 888-714-1951 to configure your license to best suit your organizational needs.

The value of online education

One of the many advantages to site licensing is the ability to educate a large number of people in an efficient and cost effective manner. Each user learns at his own pace at work or home, anytime of day. No travel expense required!

Premium Level Site Licensing - Unlimited education for up to 100 clinicians per facility: $4,995 per year Apply Now

20 User - Twenty User Max - Unlimited education for up to 20 clinicians
$3,995 per year Apply Now

10 User - Ten User Max
Unlimited education for up to 10 clinicians
$2,995 per year Apply Now

5 User - Five User Max
Unlimited education for up to 5 clinicians
$1,995 per year Apply Now

The micro-license/single user education

We have site licensing options available for smaller organizations or individuals. Each user learns at his own pace at work or home, anytime of day. No travel expense required!

  • Education Express for the Individual
  • Unlimited education for one clinician $895 per year
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