PICC Excellence

The Leader in Vascular Access Education

When it comes to vascular access education and CEs, PICC Excellence has been providing the most effective, highly sought after vascular education courses for over 30 years.

Why PICC Excellence for Your Training?

PICC Excellence is led by an internationally recognized leader in Vascular Access Education, Dr. Nancy Moureau. The entire team of professionals at PICC Excellence are committed to providing the very latest education, training, consulting and research for all issues related to vascular access.

We are available to our clients and students wherever you are on your educational journey and strive to be an accessible resource throughout the learning process.

Experience education that elevates best practices for everyone!

In-person Training

Our workshops are a combination of online and instructor-led, hands-on workshops for Adult, Pediatric, and Neonatal training. We also offer shadowing & observation at some locations and precepting at other locations. Customized on-site training at your facility is available too. Please let us help you find the best solution for you! 

Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV & IV Therapy Mastery Learning Workshops 

Adult Workshops



Pediatric and Neonatal Workshops


Shadowing and Observation Workshops 


Mastery Learning & PICC Certification

IV Therapy Mastery Learning

IV Therapy Mastery Certificate Bundle provides healthcare clinicians with peripheral and central IV Therapy Mastery Learning

UGPIV Mastery Learning and Midlines

UGPIV Mastery Certificate Bundle provides insertion professionals with Mastery Learning

PICC and CVAD Training

PICC Excellence, Inc. is proud to offer our PICC insertion courses for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients

PICC Certification Adult

PICC Excellence is proud to offer PICC Certification through the Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter (CPUI).

PICC Certification Renewal (CPUI)

PICC Certification Neonatal

PICC Excellence, Inc. also offers PICC Certification for Neonates through the Certified Neonatal PICC Inserter (CNPI).

PICC Certification Renewal (CNPI)


Access our library of recorded webinars, including discussions regarding updates and changes to AVA, INS, SHEA, and CDC guidelines and standards to help the listener discern how those changes will impact their practice.