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92.3 - Continuing Ed Credits
197 Manual(s)/documents included with course
539 test questions
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20 User Site License includes:
72.3 CE's available per user (up to 20 Users)
One Year Activation

One license per facility. Not for resale.

20 User Site License

Offer your vascular access clinicians or general staff on-demand access to PICC education and information 24 hours a day/7 days a week! One of the many advantages to site licensing is the ability to educate a larger number of people in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is a great savings product for hospitals with a PICC team or IV specialists wanting to move their careers further in vascular access. The site license includes over 70 Continuing Education hours per user. The site license also includes new programs and updates as they are released. Each user learns at his/her own pace at work or home, anytime of day. No need to travel to complete the education courses.

A general account (portal) is created for your organization. The Users access the organization's Site License through the portal using the Company User ID and password. Once they access the site license, the User will setup their own individual accounts (now linked to the Organization's Site License). The User will use their own individual account (that is linked to the site license) to access and complete the courses, take the post-test, print the certificates, and track CE credits.
All testing is done online through our programs. CE Certificates are immediately printable once the education program is successfully completed.

Also included at no additional charge is the Site License Manager Tool. This allows an assigned site license manager to view reports such as users on the account, certificates completed, class activity, and more.

We suggest that you consider upgrading to the
Premium Level Site License
The Premium site license is offered for single facilities for up to 100 users. The Premium level is only $1000 more and will allow an additional 80 users access to the training.

It's as simple as creating an account to get started, and easy to use. For more information call our Customer Service department at (888) 714-1951. We'll be happy to help!

Purchase of PICC Excellence courses constitutes a contract between PICC Excellence and the buyer for individual use of courses and not for resale. In no way does the purchase of a site license confer the right to resell, individually charge, advertise or use any of our educational or marketing materials. Educational materials, online content, graphics, images and other materials on the website or included in the education materials are considered owned by PICC Excellence, proprietary information and under copyright protection. No products offer by PICC Excellence may be resold.
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20 User Site License
Premium Level Site License

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