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2.0 - Continuing Ed Credits
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The ECG/Terminal Tip Positioning Systems program teaches you how and why the electrocardiogram (ECG) is an effective system for guided tip positioning of a central venous catheter.

ECG/Terminal Tip Positioning Systems

By taking the ECG/Terminal Tip Positioning Systems program, you will learn how and why the electrocardiogram (ECG) is an effective system for guided tip positioning of a central venous catheter.

During the placement of a central venous catheter, one of the larger veins of the arm, chest or neck is accessed. A catheter is inserted and threaded into the the superior vena cava. The final tip position of the catheter must be confirmed in the lower 1/3 of the SVC prior to the infusion of any therapies. In this course, you will learn how ECG is used as a tool to guide the inserter during placement of a CVC to position the catheter tip deep SVC, eliminating the need for radiographic confirmation post insertion.

There are distinct advantages using ECG tip confirmation over conventional X-ray confirmation.
Advantages include: Cost savings, patient safety and accuracy are all achieved with ECG tip confirmation. It's more accurate and more precise than X-ray. Lastly it is less trouble and much faster than X-ray and can be read at the bedside by the inserting clinician.

Program Objectives
  1. Identify the importance of real-time tip confirmation
  2. Describe the anatomy and electrophysiology of the heart
  3. Review ECG waveforms, how they work and what each waveform represents
  4. Explain how to apply ECG as a method to accurately determine terminal tip location during the placement of central venous catheters

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