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This course addresses everything you need to know to begin placing PICCs under supervision. After completion of the program and the post test, you will perform a supervised simulated insertion at your facility or at a training facility. NOTE: This is a prerequisite course in the PICC Certification program.

Basic PICC Qualification Training

This course is part of the Beginner Insertion Bundle
Total price for all 5 courses included in the bundle is ONLY $475.
A savings of 47%!!

About the Education Component of the Training:
This course provides you with the complete education to meet the didactic requirements of minimal training established by the WOCOVA taskforce publication. The course begins with the definition of PICCs. Comprehensive information is then provided regarding all aspects of PICCs including: indications and contraindications for use, device selection, anatomy, vein anatomy, vessel health, vein selection, insertion preparation, step-by-step insertion procedure, complications, care and maintenance and legal aspects.
Program Objectives
  1. Examine the definitions of PICC and midline catheters and discuss the indications and contraindications for use
  2. Identify the veins of upper arm and chest; explain vein selection based on vessel health
  3. Present brief overview of ultrasound scanning for assessment
  4. Provide detailed, step-by-step insertion procedure instructions including infection prevention
  5. Review the common complications associated with PICCs including how to prevent these complications and what to do if a complication is suspected
  6. Describe basic care and maintenance procedures including daily site assessment and management of catheter flushing for optimal PICC function
  7. Review legal aspects of intravenous therapy specific to PICCs
About the Additional Component of the Basic Training:
Simulation and supervised insertions are additional components of training. It is designed to establish patient safety, confirming the clinician has reached competency in the insertion procedure. Simulation is provided as part of a hands-on workshop that you may attend or cover with your supervisor. While there is no set number of supervised insertions required prior to independent placement, it is recommended that you perform enough that you and your supervisor feel you are completely competent and confident to handle a variety of situations. No two insertions are the same.

PICC insertion is considered an advanced level of practice requiring a higher level of knowledge and expertise and is to be performed only by those who have reached the level of specialist, specifically trained for the procedure. A supervisor for PICC insertion observation is qualified through licensure, as with a medical doctor or registered nurse, and through demonstrated successful PICC experience. The purpose of a PICC supervisor is to spot sterile technique, manage any complications that may arise, help the inserter learn from his experiences and allow the insertion to be successful if difficulties arise.

Education and competency are necessary prior to independent PICC insertion. Overall medical liability is reduced with proof of education and competency for a specific procedure. We recommend using the competency forms and Global Rating Scale included as resource material in the course to document your competency as verified by your supervisor.

The Steps:
  1. successfully complete this course and the 50-question post test
  2. print your continuing education certificate to use as proof of successful completion of a basic PICC Training program.
  3. Begin your supervised, simulated insertion
  4. followed by supervised insertions on patients to the point of competency, comfort and confidence.

    PICC training is a process and includes not just one course, but many courses. Continue to seek out educational opportunities including but not limited to ultrasound training, complication management, and tips and tricks in a variety of areas. NOTE: Completion of this course meets and exceeds the requirements of all state, national and international groups specific to PICC didactic training.
    Another Consideration:
    As you continue to perform insertions you will reach a level of qualification to become certified. After 25 insertions and documentation of supervised competency you are eligible to apply for the CPUI Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter program. Following approval of qualification, a study guide is provided and sample test to assist you prior to completing the online proctored examination. Successful completion of the CPUI examination allows you to receive this professional designation, effective for a two-year period. An easy 3 step renewal process ensures you will retain your certification. Receiving this designation and maintaining your CPUI status places you in an elite group of expert clinicians who have demonstrated qualification, competence and knowledge necessary to provide the highest level of patient insertion and care with PICCs.

    REMINDER!! This course is part of the Beginner Insertion Bundle
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    Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15304 Continuing Nursing Education also provided through Florida Board of Nursing, Provider # 50-1594 FL and the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) Reference Code PICC-2019-067 (ASRT & ARRT) Category A credit