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17 - Continuing Ed Credits
60 Manual(s)/documents included with course
97 test questions
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Essential of Infection Prevention
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SANTA Bundle

ALL 14 Courses in Pathway is included in this bundle! Essential of Infection Prevention
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SNOWMAN Bundle Courses (7 courses)
Course 8: Infection Control Standards and Guidelines
Course 9: Infection Prevention of CVADs
Course 10: Infection Prevention Strategies
Course 11: Outcome Based Evaluation
Course 12: Principles of Infection Control and Prevention
Course 13: MIVAN Human Factors in CVAD Infections
Course 14: CLABSI Implementing the Maintenance Bundle

NOTE: Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #CEP 15304 Continuing Nursing Education also provided through Florida Board of Nursing Provider #50-1594
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