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5 - Continuing Ed Credits
23 Manual(s)/documents included with course
25 test questions
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The Five PLUS Bundle combines 5 courses in this foundational series for a $100 savings!

Five PLUS Mini Bundle Foundations of Vascular Access

Bundle Options Available:
  • First Five Bundle:
    The first 5 courses in this pathway, $125 (Save 45%)
  • Five PLUS Bundle:
    The remaining 5 courses in this pathway, $125 (Save 45%)
  • BEST VALUE! Complete Pathway Bundle:
    ALL 10 courses in this pathway, $199 (Save 55%)

    The FIVE PLUS Bundle:
    Combines five courses in the Foundations of Vascular Access pathway for a savings of $100.

    Courses in the savings bundle include:
  • Applying Device Selection Practices
    This program provides practice in the selection of a vascular access device by methodically applying device selection practices to varying patient conditions.
  • Components of a Vascular Access Device
    In this program, we identify the common components that comprise all vascular access device - from luers to lumens, hubs and clamps, including options available for each of these components.
  • Documentation
    This program teaches and provides examples of documentation as required by standards.
  • Importance of Evidence-based Practices
    In this program, we define what evidence-based practices are and explain how to evaluate evidence based on varying levels of hierarchy.
  • Legal Aspects of Infusion Therapy
    This class is a must-see to fully understand what actions are expected of you in the care of patients and what processes are to be followed if an adverse event occurs.

    Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15304. Provider approved by Florida Board of Nursing,Provider # 50-1594, and through additional states Arkansas State BON,District of Columbia BON, Georgia BON, New Mexico BON, South Carolina BON, West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses for continuing nursing education. CNE status accepted for states within the USA.
  • Complete Pathway Bundles

    Complete Pathway Bundle IV Therapy Mastery
    Complete Pathway Bundle Foundations of Vascular Access
    Complete Pathway Bundle Fundamentals of VAD Management
    Complete Pathway Bundle Essentials of Infection Prevention