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5 - Continuing Ed Credits
32 Manual(s)/documents included with course
25 test questions
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The Foundations First Five Mini Bundle combines the first 5 courses in this foundational series together for a $100 savings!

First Five Mini Bundle Foundations of Vascular Access

Bundle Options Available:
  • First Five Mini Bundle:
    The first 5 courses in this pathway, $125 (Save 45%)
  • Five Plus Mini Bundle:
    The remaining 5 courses in this pathway, $125 (Save 45%)
  • BEST VALUE! Complete Pathway Bundle:
    ALL 10 courses in this pathway, $199 (Save 55%)

    The FIRST FIVE Bundle:
    Combines the first five courses in the Foundations of Vascular Access pathway for a savings of $100.

    Courses in the savings bundle include:
  • Vessel Health and Preservation
    This program introduces the Vessel Health and Preservation model which consists of four specific quadrants that create a pathway for the selection, placement and care of vascular access devices.
  • Intro to Vascular Access Devices
    This program provides a working knowledge of the various categories of vascular access devices in use (peripheral and central), and describes the various considerations and limitations associated with each device.
  • Basic Vein Anatomy
    This program provides an overview of the venous system, describes the 3 layers of the vein and the function of each layer, and explains how the location of valves and the function of vasoconstriction may affect the success of a venipuncture procedure.
  • Intentional VAD Selection
    In this program, we review the eight factors to consider prior the the selection of a vascular access device, including: prescribed therapy, duration of therapy, physical assessment, client health history, risk assessment, client support system and resources, device availability and client preference.
  • Appropriate Device Selection: Understanding the MAGIC
    This program introduces MAGIC, The Michigan Appropriateness Guide for Intravenous Catheters, which is the first publication to validate device indication and provide guidance for appropriate use of PICCs and other peripheral and central devices.

    Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15304. Provider approved by Florida Board of Nursing,Provider # 50-1594, and through additional states Arkansas State BON,District of Columbia BON, Georgia BON, New Mexico BON, South Carolina BON, West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses for continuing nursing education. CNE status accepted for states within the USA.
  • Complete Pathway Bundles

    Complete Pathway Bundle IV Therapy Mastery
    Complete Pathway Bundle Foundations of Vascular Access
    Complete Pathway Bundle Fundamentals of VAD Management
    Complete Pathway Bundle Essentials of Infection Prevention