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1.0 - Continuing Ed Credits
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This course provides information to assess the safety and to ensure a PIV is truly indicated for the patient prior to the place of a peripheral catheter. This course educates the clinician on the steps to assess the patient's medical history, treatment, and current level of impairment to confirm medications are peripherally compatible.

PIV Pre Insertion Assessment

This course educates the clinician on reviewing the patient's order, treatment, and indications for infusion therapy. It provides information regarding which patient factors may contribute to the use of a PIV for infusions along with assessing the patient's anatomy for proper site selection. This program also provides techniques to locate, dilate, palpate and enhance visualization in order to properly place a PIV.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15304 Continuing Nursing Education also provided through Florida Board of Nursing, Provider # 50-1594 CNE status acceptable for all states within the USA
PIV Therapy Pathway

Peripheral Vein Anatomy
PIV Pre Insertion Assessment
When is a PIV NOT Indicated