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1.0 - Continuing Ed Credits
4 Manual(s)/documents included with course
5 test questions
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In this program, we define and outline the specific goals for device selection and then review the eight factors to consider for each patient prior to the final selection of a vascular access device.

Intentional VAD Selection


  • The BASICS Bundle
    4 courses / $155 (14% Savings)

    In this program, we review the eight factors to consider prior the the selection of a vascular access device, including: prescribed therapy, duration of therapy, physical assessment, client health history, risk Assessment,client support system and resources, device availability and client preference. Evaluating these factors leads to selection of the vascular access device most likely to last throughout duration of therapy while preserving patient vasculature for future use.

    Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15304 Continuing Nursing Education also provided through Florida Board of Nursing, Provider # 50-1594 and through additional states Arkansas State BON,District of Columbia BON, Georgia BON, New Mexico BON, South Carolina BON, West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses for continuing nursing education. CNE status accepted for states within the USA.
  • Vessel Health and Preservation Pathway

    Vessel Health and Preservation
    The Importance of Evidence-Based Practices
    Intentional VAD Selection
    Central Line Insertion Practices
    VAD Assessment Best Practices
    Outcome Based Evaluation