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Benefits of Site Licensing

Provide quality education as you build a "Top Shelf" IV team.

One of the many advantages to site licensing is the ability to educate a large number of people in an efficient and cost effective manner. Each user learns at his own pace at work or home, anytime of day. No travel expense required! An all access pass. PICC Excellence offers a discounted multi-user package for hospitals/organizations that wish to train more than one individual. Our Site Licensing package provides one year access (24 hours/7 days a week) to educational programs specific to vascular access.

Benefits include:

  • Variety of vascular access educational options
  • Evidence-based education that meets the guidelines and standards recommended to train inserters and those who care for CVCs
  • Discounted pricing structure providing 24-hour access for hospital clinicians. This is an excellent value for the dollar.
  • Infection Prevention programs to educate hospital staff on the central line bundle and use of the insertion checklist, both proven to reduce the incidence of infections.
  • Safety based education for ultrasound, insertion of PICCs, advanced assessment, aseptic technique, site assessment and device selection
  • Easy access allowing start and stop viewing, online testing and certificate printing

Includes the "End User Site License Manager"

Also included with any site license is the End User Site License Manager (EUSLM) – a system of reports to help manage your site license. Most reports include a downloadable Excel format (.csv) to import into MS Excel spreadsheets.

  • Show Users – lists current active and inactive users on the license.
  • Monthly Usage Report – Select a date range (and organization if unlimited) to show activity within that date range.
  • Certificates Report – Show certificates issued within a date range. This report also provides the option to re-print certificates for a student, or access certificates then save as a .pdf (as per your printer and print drivers).
  • Class Activity Report – Show what classes are being taken and approximately how long it takes to complete a course per individual.
  • SANDS* Summary Report – Reports evaluation responses in numbers from all students in a license. This is a look at student overall response to PICC Excellence programs and not class specific.
  • SANDS* Detail Report – This is an evaluation report on a per class basis. Shows *SANDS cumulative evaluation counts for each column per class.
  • Comments Report – Evaluation Comments taken from each class evaluation about the course. This is more for us as a tool to constantly improve our programs; however, we thought it a value add to share this information with our clients.

* SANDS – evaluation response columns – Strongly Agree – Agree – Neutral – Disagree – Strongly Disagree

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