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Pathway To PICC Certification (CPUI™)

Become a certified PICC inserter (CPUI™). This is a pathway to grow your career as a vascular access specialist. Attain expert status in this exciting field by following this progress chart. Whether beginner or qualified PICC inserter, take the next steps to raise your qualifications to Expert, then maintain those qualifications through renewal and experience.


  • Complete the required education (in a class or online)
  • Perform a supervised simulated insertion
  • Perform clinical precepted insertions on patients, establishing competency as documented by your preceptor (Competency Assessment form)
  • Gain your education through the online Basic Insertion Bundle or PICC Workshops. *PICC Excellence PICC qualification and PICC Certification™ (CPUI™)
Basic Insertion Bundle Workshops with Basic Insertion Bundle
*PICC Excellence PICC qualification and PICC Certification™ (CPUI™) are based on SHEA recommendations, INS Standards and CDC guidelines regarding PICC training, precepted insertions on patients and need to establish procedural competence.

Step #2: Gain PICC Insertion Experience

Programs to Deepen Your Knowledge

  • Establish competency with supervised insertions
  • Perform more than 25 unsupervised insertions in a clinical setting
  • Complete courses dealing with
    • Safe IV Patient Care
    • PICC Site Assessment


  • Qualify through proof of Education, Competency assessment, and Insertion history.
  • Complete the CPUI exam and gain your PICC Certification
More info on how CPUI works


Course Catalog

  • Take CE courses to remain current with evidence-based practices
  • Retake courses to refresh your understanding
  • Suggested Courses include:
    1. Infection Prevention
    2. PICC and CVC Complications
    3. Advanced Ultrasound Assessment
    4. Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Insertion
  • Maintain your CPUI status by renewing every two years through education, insertion and competency
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