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Hospital Evaluations

Is your PICC team top shelf?
The Hospital Evaluation program was developed to provide observation, assessment and implementation of best practices within the vascular access practice of an acute care facility. PICC Excellence sends a subject matter expert to evaluate your current practices based on guidelines, standards and evidence based practices. This subject matter expert validates practices and provides specific recommendations for areas needing improvement as well as a plan of action to create procedures within your facility to reduce the risk of vascular access related infections and other complications.

Hospital Evaluation

What you're getting:

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  • Checklist/grading sheet from initial assessment
  • 2 – 5 days of observation and competency assessment
  • written evaluation report
  • draft of proposed plan to present and coordinate with vascular access committee
  • open access to PICC Excellence online education for your entire vascular access team (including courses in beginning and advanced insertion techniques)
  • infection prevention and care and maintenance procedures designed to reduce patient risk of complications
  • completed certificates of education with reports for designated contact person and Hard copies of competency assessments of individuals (confidential)

Because we customize the evaluation program to meet the specific objectives of the hospital, a typical evaluation equates to 2 to 6 working days with prices beginning at $3500/day. A contract between the hospital and PICC Excellence is established defining the goals, needs, benchmarks and additional education necessary to achieve the goals prior to moving forward with the program. Let us help you achieve your vision to apply best practices and recommendations to make your facility on of the best! Click here for additional information.