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PICC Certification (CPUI™) Exam Instructions

Preparing for the Exam

Once your application for the CPUI™ program is accepted, purchase the "CPUI Study Guide: PICC Ultrasound Education". The "CPUI Practice Test" will be added to your account as part of this purchase. Launch the "CPUI Practice Test" program first and watch the short video on how to access and run the Remote Proctor program.

The Practice Test is intended to familiarize you with the remote proctoring process. It will guide you through connecting to Remote Proctor, ending with a short 10 question practice test. Successful completion of this process will prepare you for the live 3 hour exam.

Once you've completed all pre-exam requirements, you will be notified that your live exam access has been activated and will remain so for 3 months. The live exam is accessed through the class "CPUI Study Guide: PICC Insertion Training". Follow the instruction video on how to connect to the live exam.

Hospital Evaluation

System Requirements:

  • You must use a PC Computer running Windows 10 or a Mac Computer running OSX 10.14 (Lion)
  • You must have a web cam installed on your computer. If one is not present, you may purchase one at WalMart, Target, Best Buy, etc. They are easy to install; simply plug the camera into an available USB port. Typically, your computer operating system will detect the camera and complete the installation.
  • You should be connected to a reliable DSL or Cable Modem Internet service.
Download Application Form

System Requirements (continued):

FireFox or Safari are the recommended browsers to use, although Internet Explorer or any other browser is sufficient.

Javascript must be enabled on your browser. CLICK THIS LINK to verify it's enabled in your browser. This scripting disables certain mouse functions during the exam so that you may only move forward question by question. You will not be able to go back to change any answers. However, if you skip a question, you will be given an opportunity to complete any skipped questions at the end of the test.

About Software Secure:

The exam is processed through a remote proctoring company called Secure Software. This company monitors and records all activity during the exam for later review.

Software Secure is a dedicated group of individuals who believe in improving the distance learning experience through the preservation of academic integrity. Software Secure and PICC Excellence value your right to privacy and will not share any of your information with outside sources without your written permission.

Standards: Examinations are important mechanisms for evaluation of student learning. Cheating on examinations is contrary to both academic integrity standards and to ethical standards. Guidelines for the CPUI Exam require that no outside materials or written or verbal communication be used during the exam.

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