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CPUI Application

Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter Application Form

Click here to download the CPUI Application Form.
***Download this form BEFORE purchasing the CPUI Certification Program.*** After completing the form, return it to the CPUI Administrator. The certification administrator will let you know if you meet all requirements. If you do meet the certification requirements then proceed with the purchase of the certification program. Otherwise use the application process as a guideline to help you fill in the areas that are inadequate or missing before proceeding with the certification purchase.

Hospital Evaluation

How It Works:

The exam is processed through a remote proctoring company called Secure Software.This company monitors and records all activity during the exam for later review.

Software Secure is a dedicated group of individuals who believe in improving the distance learning experience through the preservation of academic integrity. Software Secure and PICC Excellence value your right to privacy and will not share any of your information with outside sources without your written permission.


Examinations are important mechanisms for evaluation of student learning. Cheating on examinations is contrary to both academic integrity standards and to ethical standards. Guidelines for the CPUI Exam require that no outside materials or written or verbal communication be used during the exam.

Download Application Form

Practice Exam:

The Practice Exam is an exercise to determine your understanding of the Remote Proctor process and to insure your computer is compatible with the live exam process. It is not intended as a question review, rather to educate the applicant in the process of a remotely administered certification exam.

In order to take the exam, you must have javascript enabled in your browser. Please click this link to determine if javascript is enabled. If it is not enabled, follow the instruction for your browser to enable it.

About Remote Proctor

PICC Excellence uses an independent Exam Proctoring Service. The applicant must log out of the PICC Excellence website and into the Software Secure Remote Proctoring Service to take the CPUI exam. Step-by-Step instructions to accomplish this are available online in PDF downloadable files and in your CPUI packet. If you have any problems with these instructions, please call us at (706) 377-3360 during normal business hours (7am – 11pm EST).

Taking the Test:

The applicant has 3 hours to complete the 200 question exam. All questions are multiple-choice or true false. Applicant must answer 80% of the questions correctly to pass the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, applicant prints a certificate showing successful completion of the 3 CE credit hours.

Completion Confirmation

PICC Excellence™ receives automatic official confirmation of the successful completion of the exam and then issues a formal CPUI™ Certificate. The PICC Certification™ and CPUI™ designation certificates are mailed directly to the candidate. PICC Certification™ and use of CPUI™ credentials is effective for two years from the date of issue and must be renewed every two years.


Renewal of the CPUI credential requires proof of current licensure as a registered nurse, documentation of a minimum of 24 successful PICC insertions within the past 24 months and completion of at least 6 continuing education reviews of either programs or articles of PICC related continuing education. The cost to re-certify is $75. CPUIs who fail to submit verification of the required insertions AND continuing education summary forms by the deadline (expiration of current CPUI™ Certification) are required to start the CPUI™ Certification process from the beginning as a new applicant.

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