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About CPUI

Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter

PICC Excellence, Inc. is proud to offer our professional PICC Certification Program. This professional certification is for PICC inserters who have placed 24 or more PICCs using ultrasound guidance. The CPUI provides the vascular access clinician validation of a higher level of knowledge and practice in the field of PICC placement. The cost of this certification includes a remotely proctored 200 question certification exam (see below). Here is the course syllabus for your review.

Hospital Evaluation

Certification is a process by which an association grants recognition to an individual who has met predetermined standards specified by that association or agency. PICC Certification does NOT verify competency. Rather, PICC Excellence certifies that the candidate has met specific standards of knowledge and training specific to PICCs as a credentialing process. Click here to download your application form.

Independent Proctoring:

PICC Excellence uses an independent Exam Remote Proctor Service. The applicant will be accessing the Software Secure Remote Proctor Service to take the CPUI exam and a video-record will be made. Detailed instructions are provided once the CPUI Program is purchased. If you have any problems with these instructions, please call us at 706 377-3360 during normal business hours (7am – 11pm EST).

Taking the Test:

The applicant has 3 hours to complete the 200 question exam. All questions are multiple-choice or true false. Applicant must answer 80% of the questions correctly to pass the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, you may print a certificate showing successful completion of a 3 CE course.

PICC Excellence receives automatic official confirmation of the successful completion of the exam after it has been reviewed by Remote Proctor, and then will issue a formal Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter (CPUI) certificate and permission to use the CPUI designation for a period of three years. The documents will be mailed directly to the candidate. PICC Certification and use of CPUI credentials is effective for three years from the date of issue and must be renewed triennially.

Renewal of the CPUI credential requires proof current licensure, documentation of a minimum of 36 successful ultrasound guided PICC insertions within the previous 36 months and completion of 6 CEs (or Summary Reviews of PICC related articles or programs. CPUIs who fail to submit verification of the required insertions AND continuing education summary forms by the deadline (expiration of current CPUI Certification) are required to start the CPUI Certification process from the beginning as a new applicant.

How it Works

Complete the CPUI Application (option to receive pre-approval).

Documents required to be submitted with CPUI Application:

  • Page 1 – Application for PICC Certification – This form provides personal information (name, address, phone number, professional license number, employer info, email, etc…). Also included is a Checklist of Forms which lists all required forms for submission before application can be processed.
  • Pages 2-4 – Current Supervised Insertion Competency Checklist – Required to document a supervised insertion allowing the preceptor to assess specific step-by-step procedures to ensure you are following insertion guidelines as established by INS and CDC. Signatures are required by both you and your preceptor upon completion of the assessment. (Please submit 1 copy of Competency Assessment.)
  • Page 5 – Verification of PICC Experience – Required to list your PICC training, PICC experience, and courses/conferences you have attended, and CE credits earned. This form requires a signature by your employer or supervisor attesting to the validity of the information.
  • Page 6 – Applicant Statement and Notary page – Signature required to swear the information on the Verification of PICC Experience is true. This statement must be signed and notarized to validate your identity.
  • Page 7 - Copy of Professional License verification
  • Page 8 - Certificate showing 8CE’s of Basic PICC and ultrasound training or multiple certificates on basic PICC insertion adding up to 8CE’s.

Submit all completed forms and documentation to PICC Excellence for processing. You may submit your application for approval prior to purchase. Please note, once purchased, there are no NO REFUNDS for the CPUI Certification Program. To submit the application: download and complete the CPUI Application, add all required documentation as pdf documents, and send to the Certification Administrator. You may send via email PICCCertAdmin@piccexcellence.com, or info@piccexcellence.com or you may also upload the application with documentation directly to your PICC Excellence online account. Find Manage/Upload Documentation Library in your Personal Information section of your account page and notify the certification administrator.

You may also mail by USPS to:

PICC Excellence Inc.
Certification Administrator
18 E. Johnson St
Hartwell, GA 30643

Once your documentation is approved, you will be notified that the purchase option for CPUI is now available through the course catalog under PICC Certifications.

When the purchase is complete, the Certification Administrator will add the CPUI Final Exam and the Practice test to your account, and the Exam will be activated. The Certification Administrator will also forward the CPUI Study Guide, exam environment parameters and instructions for how to access the Practice test and CPUI Final Exam. You will then have 60 days to study, work with the practice test, and finally take the CPUI Final Exam.

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