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About CPUI™

Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter

PICC Excellence, Inc. is proud to offer our professional PICC Certification™ Program. This professional certification is for PICC inserters who have placed up to 25 PICCs using ultrasound guidance. The CPUI™ provides the vascular access clinician validation of a higher level of knowledge and practice in the field of PICC placement.(see progress chart)

Hospital Evaluation

Certification is a process by which an association grants recognition to an individual who has met predetermined standards specified by that association or agency. PICC Certification™ does NOT verify competency. Rather, PICC Excellence™ certifies that the candidate has met specific standards of knowledge and training specific to PICCs as a credentialing process. Click here to download your application form.

Independent Proctoring:

PICC Excellence uses an independent Exam Proctoring Service. The applicant must log out of the PICC Excellence website and into the Software Secure Remote Proctoring Service to take the CPUI exam. If you have any problems with these instructions, please call us at (706) 377-3360 during normal business hours (7am – 11pm EST).

Taking the Test:

The applicant has 3 hours to complete the 200 question exam. All questions are multiple-choice or true false. Applicant must answer 80% of the questions correctly to pass the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, applicant prints a certificate showing successful completion of the 3 CE credit hours.

Download Application Form

PICC Excellence™ receives automatic official confirmation of the successful completion of the exam after it has been reviewed by Remote Proctor, and then issues a formal CPUI™ Certificate. The PICC Certification™ and CPUI™ designation certificates are mailed directly to the candidate. PICC Certification™ and use of CPUI™ credentials is effective for two years from the date of issue and must be renewed biennially.

Renewal of the CPUI credential requires proof of current licensure, documentation of a minimum of 24 successful PICC insertions within the past 24 months and completion of at least 6 continuing education reviews of either programs or articles of PICC related continuing education. The cost to re-certify is $75. CPUIs who fail to submit verification of the required insertions AND continuing education summary forms by the deadline (expiration of current CPUI™ Certification) are required to start the CPUI™ Certification process from the beginning as a new applicant.

How it Works

When you register for the PICC Certification™ program, you will receive a packet of information from PICC Excellence™. This packet includes:

  • Application for PICC Certification™ - requests personal information (name, address, phone, professional license number, employer info, email)
  • Verification of PICC Experience - requires you to list your PICC training, PICC experience, and courses/conferences you have attended and received CE credit. This form requires a signature by your employer or supervisor attesting to the validity of the information. Then you will sign to swear that the information on the Verification of PICC Experience is true and your signature must be notarized to validate your identity.
  • Supervised Insertion Competency Checklist - requires you to perform a supervised insertion allowing the preceptor to assess specific step-by-step procedures to ensure you are following insertion guidelines as established by INS and CDC. Both you and your preceptor must sign the form upon completion of the assessment.
  • Checklist of forms - lists all required forms for complete submission before application can be processed. This form requires signature of the applicant attesting to the fact that all forms are valid, true, accurate and are an honest representation of the information provided.
  • PICC Certification™ Study Guide - this is the manual you will study prior to taking the 200 question certification exam.

Applicant sends ALL completed forms back to PICC Excellence™ for processing. Once all forms have been processed and approved, the applicant is granted access to the PICC Certification™ exam and has 60 days to take the exam.

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