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Premium Level Site Licensing

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Offer your vascular access clinicians or general staff on-demand access to PICC education and information 24 hours a day/7 days a week! One of the many advantages to site licensing is the ability to educate a large number of people in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is a great savings product for hospitals with a PICC team or IV specialists wanting to move their careers further in vascular access. The site license includes over 80 courses (120+ CE's) PER USER. The site license also includes new programs as they are released. Each user learns at his/her own pace at work or home, anytime of day. No need to travel to complete the education courses. This license is active for one year for up to 100 total users. (Have more to train? Additional User Packs of 25 may be purchased.)

A general account (portal) is created for your organization. The Users access the organization's Site License through the portal using the Company User ID and password. Once they access the site license, the User will setup their own individual accounts (now linked to the Organization's Site License). The User will use their own individual account (that is linked to the site license) to access and complete the courses, take the post-test, print the certificates, and track CE credits.
All testing is done online through our programs. CE Certificates are immediately printable once the education program is successfully completed.

Also included at no additional charge is the Site License Manager Tool. This allows an assigned site license manager to view reports such as users on the account, certificates completed, class activity, and more.

The Premium site license is offered for single facilities for up to 100 users. The Premium site license may be upgraded to the Enterprise Level Site License for organizations that have multiple facilities that need access to the Site License Education courses at a deeply discounted rate of only $1500 per facility (up to 100 users per facility).

Subscription Service: For larger volume customers a monthly subscription service is available providing access to all online educational programs. With a minimum commitment of one year this auto renewal program allows continual online access with immediate use of new programs, updates and more. Contact PICC Excellence directly for more information and a quote for your company.

Site License Classes

Purchase of PICC Excellence courses constitutes a contract between PICC Excellence and the buyer for individual use of courses and not for resale. In no way does the purchase of a site license confer the right to resell, individually charge, advertise or use any of our educational or marketing materials. Educational materials, online content, graphics, images and other materials on the website or included in the education materials are considered owned by PICC Excellence, proprietary information and under copyright protection. No products offer by PICC Excellence may be resold.

Class CE's
Guidelines and Standards: Changes that Impact You! 1.0
What Does Safety Mean for Vascular Access 1.0
Deep Vein Thrombosis and How it Affects Vascular Access 1.0
Bundles for Maintenance of PIVs and CVADs 1.0
CLABSI What are We Missing? 1.0
Issues Associated with PICC Selection and Complication Prevention 1.0
Applying Device Selection Practices 1.0
Understanding MAGIC 1.0
Basic Vein Anatomy 1.0
Components of a Vascular Access Device 1.0
Documentation 1.0
Introduction to Vascular Access Devices 1.0
Legal Aspects of Infusion Therapy 1.0
ANTT: Key Concepts 1.0
How to Create a Sterile Field 1.0
Bloodstream Infections: Identification and Improving Safety 1.0
Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections 1.0
Central Line Bundle Program 1.0
Disinfection Practices for Intravenous Therapy 1.0
Infection Control Standards and Guidelines 1.0
Infection Prevention of CVADs 1.0
Infection Prevention Strategies 1.0
Principles of Infection Control and Prevention 1.0
MIVAN Human Factors in CVAD Infections 1.0
Applying Best Practices to VAD Management 1.0
Basic Principles of Blood Draws 1.0
Clinically Indicated Catheter Removal 1.0
Complications with VADs - Part 1 1.0
Complications with VADs - Part 2 1.0
Drawing Blood Cultures - Preventing Contamination 1.0
Dressings and Dressing Changes for VADs 1.0
Flushing: The Science and Evidence 1.0
Function and Management of Needleless Connectors 1.0
Methods of Securement 1.0
Safe IV Patient Care 1.0
Basics of IV Administration 1.0
Fluid and Electrolyte Balance 1.0
Parenteral Nutrition and Infusion Therapies 1.0
Peripheral Vein Anatomy 1.0
PIV Pre Insertion Assessment 1.0
When is a PIV NOT Indicated 1.0
Performing a PIV Insertion Procedure 1.0
PIV Validating Successful Insertion 1.0
Final Steps of PIV Procedure 1.0
Assessment of PIV Site and Function 1.0
Identification and Prevention of Complications (PIV) 1.0
PIV Blood Draws and Blood Transfusions 1.0
Vessel Health and Preservation 1.0
The Importance of Evidence-Based Practices 1.0
Intentional VAD Selection 1.0
Central Line Insertion Practices 1.0
CLABSI: Implementing the Maintenance Bundle 1.0
VAD Assessment Best Practices 1.0
Outcome Based Evaluation 1.0
Understanding the Basics of Ultrasound 1.0
Ultrasound - What Do I See On The Screen? 1.0
Advanced Ultrasound Assessment 3.5
Vein Anatomy For UGPIV 1.0
UGPIV Validating Success 1.0
Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Catheter Insertion 2.0
UGPIV Simulator 3.0
When is a Midline NOT Indicated 1.0
Midlines - Application and Use 1.3
Midline Validating Successful Insertion 1.0
Midline Assessment 1.0
MIVAS - How to Establish an Effective Midline Program 1.0
Basic PICC Qualification Training 8.0
Inserting PICCs with Ultrasound 4.5
Step by Step Ultrasound Guided PICC Insertion 1.0
Ultrasound Guided PICC Tips and Tricks 1.0
ECG/Terminal Tip Positioning Systems 2.0
Catheter Exchange 1.0
Care and Maintenance of PICC Lines 2.0
PICC Site Assessment 1.0
PICC Preceptor Training Program 1.0
PICC Instructor Training Program 3.0
CVC Removal 1.0
Management of Non-Thrombotic Catheter Occlusions 1.0
Management of Thrombotic Catheter Occlusions 1.0
Neonatal PICC Qualification Training Program 8.0
Pediatric PICC Qualification Training 8.0
Introduction to Mid-thigh Femoral Central Venous Catheters 1.0
Vascular Access Device Selection 1.0
CVAD Daily Assessment 1.0
Implicit Bias in Healthcare 1.0
Vein and Catheter Selection for UGPIV 1.0
Total CE's: 120.3
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