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Site Licensing

20 User Site License

20 User Annual License - $2595.00/yr

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Offer your vascular access clinicians or general staff on-demand access to PICC education and information 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This license is active for One year for up to 20 clinicians. A general account (portal) is created for your organization. Your clinicians access your training region through your portal using a Company User ID and password. Once your portal is accessed your clinicians will setup their own individual accounts to track CE credits. Creating their individual accounts is a one time process, once their accounts are established they may log in anytime. IF they forget their login ID's or passwords, they can easily be reset through our tech support department.

All testing is done online through our programs. CE Certificates are immediately printable once a given program is successfully completed. All PICC Excellence, Inc. Online Training Programs are made available through this license agreement.

Site License Classes

Class CE's
Advanced Ultrasound Assessment 3.5
Basic PICC Qualification Training 8.0
Care and Maintenance of PICC Lines 2.0
Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections 1.0
Central Line Bundle Program 1.0
Central Line Insertion Practices 1.0
CVC Removal 1.0
EKG/Terminal Tip Positioning Systems for CVCs 2.0
Inserting PICCs with Ultrasound 4.5
Management of Non-Thrombotic Catheter Occlusions 1.0
Management of Thrombotic Catheter Occlusions 1.0
Midlines - Application and Use 1.3
Pediatric PICC Qualification Training 8.0
PICC and CVC Complications - Identification and Management 2.0
PICC Instructor Training Program 3.0
PICC Preceptor Training Program 1.0
PICC Site Assessment 1.0
Safe IV Patient Care 1.0
Step by Step Ultrasound Guided PICC Insertion 1.0
Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Catheter Insertion 2.0
Ultrasound Guided PICC Tips and Tricks 1.0
Understanding the Basics of Ultrasound 1.0
Vascular Access Device Selection 1.0

Purchase of PICC Excellence courses constitutes a contract between PICC Excellence and the buyer for individual use of courses and not for resale. In no way does the purchase of a site license confer the right to resell, individually charge, advertise or use any of our educational or marketing materials. Educational materials, online content, graphics, images and other materials on the website or included in the education materials are considered owned by PICC Excellence, proprietary information and under copyright protection. No products offer by PICC Excellence may be resold.

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