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Disinfection Cap Improves Compliance with Catheter Infection Control, Study says

2011. SwabCap Improves Compliance with Catheter Infection Control, Study Says Press Release Dowling & Dennis 8/15/11 Content: SwabCap Improves Compliance with Catheter Infection Control, Study Says Disinfection Cap Allowed for 79 Percent Reduction in Catheter Bloodstream Infections NEPTUNE, N.J. SwabCap improved compliance with catheter infectioncontrol measures and was favorably viewed by nurses, according to a podium talk at the annual meeting of the Infusion Nurses Society New results from the first major clinical study of SwabCap showed nurses used the device 80% of the time on average, and were highly satisfied with the disinfection cap. A compliance rate of 80% is much higher than has been reported with the older, “scrub the hub” method of disinfecting IV needleless connectors. The INS presentation reported study results showing near-unanimous agreement among nurses that SwabCap saved them time and contributed to better patient care. Clinicians at NorthShore University Health System (Evanston, Ill.) conducted a prospective, peer-review clinical trial of SwabCap. The study compared the disinfection cap to the scrub the hub method of disinfecting IV connectors by wiping them with a pad containing 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA). SwabCap is an FDA-cleared, twist-on device that passively disinfects the top and threads of needleless IV connectors. As the single-use cap is twisted onto the threads after an IV line is placed and between line accesses, a foam pad inside the cap is compressed. The pad releases 70% IPA that continually bathes the connector top and threads while the cap is in place. Clinicians reported that compliance with SwabCap use was easy to track, because compliance is verified when the bright orange cap is observed in place on the connector. The ease of verification made it possible for managers to intervene and reinforce compliance as necessary. Measures included educational posters and written reminders about the disinfection cap protocol. One of the major drawbacks of manual disinfection of IV connectors is that the method is subject to noncompliance because busy nurses may find it too time-consuming. Compliance with manual disinfection is very difficult to track without following nurses on their rounds, which is highly impractical. Link to website https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110815005327/en/SwabCap-Improves-Compliance-Catheter-Infection-Control-Study

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