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Site/Device Care and Maintenance - User comments

carenmaintThe Care and Maintenance program is highly recommended for anyone who cares for or maintains PICCs or any central device. Insertion of a peripherally inserted central catheter is only half the battle. PICCs must be aseptically cared for and maintained if they are to be of continued use throughout the entire prescribed therapy. Also, proper care and maintenance allows for early detection of any complications that may arise. Below find comments from our users about this online class. What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

  • "declotting information" Eva P. 6/8/15
  • "Concise clear explanations of all concepts" Mickie R. 6/10/15
  • "online course, can stop and come back to if needed" Deborah D. 6/1/15
  • "clear concise teaching method" Melanie W. 4/14/15
  • "demonstrations" Tiffeny J. 4/14/15
  • "printable material" Corrie N. 4/13/15
  • "self-guided" Cynthia B. 4/12/15
  • "helpful info" Bernadette A. 4/8/15
  • "Excellence information, evident-based, references (including videos) supplied within the presentation. Also like the ability to pause and come back to the presentation" Cheryl K. 3/30/15
  • "printed materials" Sandra O. 3/29/15
  • "Ease of program" James C. 3/2/15
  • "Was convenient to complete in bursts" Nathan S. 2/26/15
  • "pictures" Tonya H. 2/11/15
  • "Thorough" Carmen G. 2/12/15
  • "VAD Care" Renie B. 12/18/14
How can we improve the program?
  • "all info provided was found to be applicable" Bernadette A. 4/8/15
  • "No improvement needed" Renie B. 12/18/14
siteassmntThe PICC Site Assessment program defines site assessment and identifies the four reasons to perform a daily PICC site assessment. Specific criteria for measurement and assessment are identified to ensure consistency in practice. What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?
  • "demonstrations" Tiffeny J. 4/7/15
  • "charting" Theresa A. 2/8/15
" placeholder="carenmaintThe Care and Maintenance program is highly r

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