PICC Instructor Training


In an effort to provide education to all levels of PICC inserters, PICC Excellence has developed a PICC Instructor Training program for those experienced clinicians who desire to become PICC Instructors. This program was created in response to so many clinicians asking, “How do I get started teaching my own PICC class?”


The PICC Instructor Training Program guides the clinician through the development of an entire PICC class, including creation of the manual and the PowerPoint presentation. The class also provides detailed instructions regarding the steps necessary to set up a class.
The PICC Instructor Training program also teaches what adult students expect from an instructor and how to create and develop a class to best impart your PICC knowledge to your students. Please click on the drop down menu to read the specific details about this program.


This program requires the successful completion of a post-test exam prior to receiving education credits.