Insertion Training


The educational programs included in our Insertion Training category include all programs providing instruction for an actual insertion procedure including PICC insertions and ultrasound-guided PIV insertions.


Programs classified as Insertion Training Programs include:


Basic PICC Qualification Training (8.0 CE) – For the clinician just learning to insert PICCs. The Basic PICC Qualification Training program is a comprehensive program that teaches everything the clinician needs to know to begin inserting PICCs independently.


Pediatric PICC Insertion Training (8.0 CE) – For the pediatric/neonate clinician just learning to insert PICCs. This is a comprehensive training program that teaches how to perform PICC insertions in the pediatric/neonate population.


Inserting PICCs with Ultrasound (4.5 CE) – This program is best used in conjunction with the Basic PICC Qualification Training program. It teaches the use of ultrasound guidance during a PICC insertion and includes an actual insertion, from patient consent to application of a sterile dressing.


PIV-Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Catheter Insertion (2.0 CE)-This is a new and innovative program which teaches the use of ultrasound guidance for the placement of PIVs. The program reviews the when and why of ultrasound guided PIV placement.


Vascular Access Device Selection(1.0 CE) This is a new program discussing various vascular access devices, the circumstances for which each device is chosen as well as various considerations and limitations.

EKG/Terminal Tip Positioning Systems for CVCs(2.0 CE) – Use EKG tip confirmation over conventional X-ray confirmation. Faster, Cost savings, patient safety and accuracy are all achieved with EKG tip confirmation.
All programs require the successful completion of a post-test exam prior to receiving continuing education credits.