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6 Pre-requsite courses (included)
27.5 Total CEs
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105 test questions
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Atlanta GA - Adult PICC/Ultrasound Workshop December 9-10, 2022

PICC Excellence prides itself in being the premier trainer in PICC insertions for adults. Instructor led, group training classes are held regularly At the Childrens Hospital of Atlanta Conference Center.

At the completion of the two session workshop, you will be equipped with the latest techniques in PICC insertion procedures to begin supervised insertions on patients at your facility.

The workshop provides intensive training for the beginner inserter and is open to any clinician or physician who desires qualification for PICC insertion.
Day 1 covers review and discussion of a basic PICC insertion and a practicum with simulated insertions.
Day 2 integrates ultrasound assessment and guided access into the overall PICC insertion procedures.

We recommend registering as soon as possible; class sizes are limited. (Plus we offer early registration discount!)
Also included in the workshop registration fee, are 5 online courses valued at $845 if purchased separately. You will have access to these courses for review, even after the workshop, for one year. We do require completion of these courses prior to attending the workshop.
Courses included in the registration fee are:
Basic PICC Qualification Training ($395 value)
Inserting PICCs with Ultrasound ($225 value)
Understanding the Basics of Ultrasound ($75 value)
Ultrasound Guided Tips and Tricks ($75 value)
Step by Step Ultrasound Guided PICC Insertion training ($125 value)

An online student account needs to be active to register and purchase the workshop. Once registration is complete, the online programs will be automatically added to your online account. To create a new student account, select Login/Create New Account on the top right of the page menu bar.

The workshops are held in a classroom setting at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta office park.
Due to traffic in the Atlanta area, class sign-in begins at 7:30 AM with the actual class beginning at 8:00 AM on Day 1, completing prior to 5:00 PM.
Day 2 class begins at 8:00 AM, completing prior to 2:30 PM.
For travel arrangements, please allow two additional hours for security screening at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Florida Board of Nursing and the California Board of Nursing
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