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7 Prerequisite courses (included)
24.5 Total CEs
24 manuals/documents for courses
125 test questions
You may only purchase One workshop seat per attendee. Enter Discount CODE: MWSERD for early registration discount 30 days prior to start of class.
I understand that it is my responsibility to submit all required documentation at least 21 days before the workshop begins. Open Documentation Checklist

Jax FL - Pediatric/Neonatal PICC & Ultrasound Workshop September 11-13, 2023 SOLD OUT

PICC Excellence, Inc. prides itself in being the premier trainer in PICC insertions for pediatrics and neonates. Instructor led, group training classes are held several times throughout the year at Wolfson Children`s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, conveniently located off I-95. Our instructor is Beverly Sharpe, RN, BSN, VA-BC and Pediatric/Neonatal PICC Instructor.

There are immunization and documentation required to observe in the Wolfson Childrens Hospital setting. This documentation should be submitted within 14 days of purchasing the Workshop. Your registration will not complete until this documentation is received and approved. (For more information contact us at info@piccexcellence.com)

This Workshop is intended for beginning PICC inserters as well as adult practitioners wanting to gain more expertise in pediatric and neonatal PICC insertions. The first morning of the Workshop is spent reviewing the online class material, which completion is required prior to the workshop. Emphasis will be on special considerations for the pediatric and neonatal population such as distraction, analgesia, and sedation, as well as understanding basic sterile technique, managing insertion complications and reviewing x-rays. In the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to see a simulated insertion, as well as perform a simulated insertion with hands-on practice, incorporating ultrasound.

The second and third days are shadowing opportunities with the Pediatric Vascular Access Team at Wolfson Children`s Hospital. This includes a tour of the facility, including procedure areas, and discussion of the evolution of the Pediatric Vascular Access program with regard to equipment, supplies, and policies. Observation of the Vascular Access Team during procedures is included, BASED ON AVAILABILITY. During non-procedure time, participants will have the opportunity for simulated ultrasound insertion and sterile field practice.

This class is open to any clinician or physician who desires qualification for PICC insertion. Class size is limited to 3, so register early. The workshop purchase includes online access for one year to 4 online courses: Pediatric/Neonatal PICC Qualification Training, Understanding the Basics of Ultrasound, Ultrasound Guided Tips and Tricks, and Step by Step Ultrasound Guided PICC Insertion Training, for a combined value of $570.00. Completion of these courses is required prior to attending the Workshop. You must set up a PICC excellence student account to purchase a Workshop Program and to have these online classes automatically added to your account. (Click Login/Create New Account at the top of the home page)

Class will begin every day at 8 AM and complete by or before 5:00 PM. Please allow at least 1.5 hours to get to the airport and get through security at the Jacksonville International Airport(JAX).

Beverly Sharpe, BSN, RN, VA-BC

Beverly has been with Baptist Medical Center since 1991. She actually took her PICC education in the 1990s with Nancy Moureau. First she did adult PICC insertion and in 2005 went to work with Holly Hess in the NICU at Wolfson Children's Hospital. Beverly is a big proponent of ultrasound and loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with YOU.


PICC Excellence reserves the right to cancel any workshop two (2) weeks prior to class date. If PICC Excellence cancels or postpones a class, students may reschedule and/or maintain a credit for any educational product.
Every workshop requires documentation to be submitted for approval to attend the workshop. No refund will be issued when qualifying documentation are not met.


Neonatal/Pediatric workshop maintains a strict policy allowing the participant to reschedule the selected workshop date no less than 30 days out from the workshop. A 50% rescheduling fee of $800.00 will apply if change is made more than 30 days prior. The workshop registration may be transferred and assigned to another person with adequate notice and three weeks to allow for completion of the pre-requisite education and immunization/documentation requirements for hospital shadowing.
NO REFUNDS will be provided for changes within the 30 days prior to the workshop. Some exceptions are considered.
You must contact PICC Excellence by calling our office directly at 706-377-3360. No shows at workshops will not be refunded or rescheduled.

We appreciate your understanding. Many resources and arrangements are involved in scheduling high-quality, expert-led, hands-on, workshops. Our instructor time is committed with each workshop and customized materials provided for each person.
Participation and follow-through for attendance, and notification when schedules must be changed, is vital.
There is much planning and coordination involved with setup up the workshops. Our expert instructor sets aside time to provide attendees with a high-skill, quality, hands-on workshop, coordinating instruction and, in some cases, the shadowing and observation opportunity in the hospital setting.

PICC Excellence, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to our products or programs, change pricing, policies, and conditions without notice or liability. PICC Excellence, Inc. reserves the right to amend these terms at any time.

For questions or concerns, please contact info@piccexcellence.com or 888-714-1951/706-377-3360. Call to discuss your options or be added to the waiting list.

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