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Observation experience for advanced CVAD insertion including PICCs, Midline, Jugular, Femoral and other chest access devices.
I understand that it is my responsibility to submit all required documentation 8 days before the workshop begins. Open Documentation Checklist

Advanced Vascular Access Observation & Shadowing - Choose 1 to 4 days ($1650 first day, $800 per day thereafter) 6/10/19

PICC Excellence, Inc announces an exciting new Advanced Vascular Access shadowing and observation Workshop in Paterson, NJ, with Matt Ostroff.

This workshop is suitable for clinicians wanting to insert or improve your understanding of ultrasound guided peripheral and central catheters. Physicians, residents, medical students, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and others needing to perform insertion should attend. Matt has years of experience as an expert inserter and will demonstrate all forms of access in your shadowing experience observing patient insertions including USG PIV, Midlines, PICCs, Axillary CVADs, Mid-Thigh Femoral & Jugular catheters.

To choose 1 day of training, just click on ADD TO CART on this page. To register for 2 to 4 days, please call our office at 888 714-1951. This workshop is available the 2nd week of each month through June, with a discount (for the first day) for registering more than 30 days in advance.

Please join us for this exciting learning experience to better understand what it takes to become a highly successful and safe inserter.

CEs are available through online courses associated with this Workshop.

Online Education Included: Understanding the Basics of US 1 CE, USG PIV class 2 CEs, Midlines Application & Use 1.3 CEs, Vascular Access Selection 1 CE, Safe IV Patient Care 1 CE,

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