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1.0 - Continuing Ed Credits
7 Manual(s)/documents included with course
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This course provides an overview for Vascular Access Device assessment which is key for increasing patient safety and positive patient outcomes.

VAD Assessment Best Practices

This program provides an overview of information regarding Vascular Access Device assessment based on the most current standards, guidelines and best practices. This course instructs, defines, explains and demonstrates steps for daily VAD assessment.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15304 Continuing Nursing Education also provided through Florida Board of Nursing, Provider # 50-1594
Fundamentals of VAD Management

Applying Best Practices to VAD Management
Basic Principles of Blood Draws
Clinically Indicated Catheter Removal
Complications with VADs - Part 1
Complications with VADs - Part 2
Drawing Blood Cultures - Preventing Contamination
Dressings and Dressing Changes for VADs
Flushing: The Science and Evidence
Function and Management of Needleless Connectors
Methods of Securement
Safe IV Patient Care
VAD Assessment Best Practices