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Designed as an entry level to be performed after completion of the USGPIV online education, this simulation program literally walks you through the procedure from start to finish.

UGPIV Simulator


  • Ultrasound Guided PIV with PIV Simulator Bundle
    6 Courses / $245 (35% Savings)

    Simulation exercises are gaining in credibility and supporting evidence for medical procedures.

    This online simulation is designed around the ultrasound guided peripheral catheter insertion (USGPIV) procedure. Working in association with the USGPIV online education course Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Catheter Insertion the simulation allows the user to walk through the necessary processes for USGPIV insertion.

    A practice session is available to help the user to become familiar with the functions and requirements. After completing the practice session demonstrate your understanding of the order of steps included in USGPIV insertion as an entry level competency for this procedure, prior to patient insertions.


    your internet connection should be fairly fast, otherwise the download for the simulator sessions will be very slow. This will only affect the download, once the program loads on your computer, the internet connection doesn't matter as much.

    Next, the most consistent browser that works with Unity WebGL technology (the simulator engine) is Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Windows 10). Internet Explorer will NOT work well with the simulator. Early versions of Windows Explorer does not support Unity WebGL. For Mac users Firefox or Safari will support Unity WebGL (Firefox works better than Safari) and the simulator will work. Finally, you must have JavaScript enabled for your browser.

    The simulator works best if your computer has 8Gb of internal RAM. It does okay of 4Gb but 8Gb is better. It is easy to find out how much memory your computer has, simply click on Windows File Explorer (manila folder at the bottom of your computer screen), find the Computer icon or This PC and right click, then click on Properties. You will find Installed Memory listed on the subsequent screen.

    Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15304 Continuing Nursing Education also provided through Florida Board of Nursing, Provider # 50-1594 FL
  • Ultrasound Guided PIV Pathway

    Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Catheter Insertion
    UGPIV Simulator