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PICC Qualification Pathway

The PICC Qualification pathway provides the learner with a comprehensive program for gaining understanding and qualification with peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs). This PICC qualification pathway includes the basic PICC curriculum, preceptor training, pre-insertion, insertion with multiple ultrasound application courses, and post insertion management to complete the body of knowledge necessary for the PICC specialist qualification. Courses can be taken individually, or through achievement of the complete pathway, all leading into PICC Certification. The PICC Certification (CPUI), Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter professional designation is achieved following validation of qualification including submission of the application, insertion experience, completed competency form, and PICC education of at least 8 hours. Having these requirements allows you to be eligible to take the remote proctored final exam completing the certification process and achieve the credentials of CPUI.


Ultrasound Guided PICC Tips and Tricks
Step by Step Ultrasound Guided PICC Insertion
PICC Site Assessment
Management of Non-Thrombotic Catheter Occlusions
Management of Thrombotic Catheter Occlusions
Inserting PICCs with Ultrasound
ECG/Terminal Tip Positioning Systems
CVC Removal
Care and Maintenance of PICC Lines
Basic PICC Qualification Training
Beginner PICC Insertion Bundle
Deep Vein Thrombosis and How it Affects Vascular Access
Catheter Exchange

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