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Essentials of Infection Prevention

The Essentials of Infection Prevention pathway is a bedrock of information on principles of infection prevention as it applies to vascular access and infusion therapy. Bloodstream infections can occur with all intravenous devices and require nurses and all practitioners, medical doctors, and advanced practice clinicians to have a solid understanding of strategies and prevention measures that are applied to insertion and care of peripheral and central venous catheters and ports. Key principles of infection control and prevention are presented including disinfection, aseptic technique with aseptic non touch ANTT, a review on how to effectively set up a sterile field, prevention for central venous devices, strategies, the bundle for central catheter insertions, along with an overview of guidelines and standards are all included in this important pathway of care measures to prevent infection.


Central Line Bundle Program
Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections
Infection Prevention of CVADs
Principles of Infection Control and Prevention
Infection Prevention Strategies
Disinfection Practices for Intravenous Therapy
ANTT: Key Concepts
How to Create a Sterile Field
Bloodstream Infections: Identification and Improving Safety
Complete Pathway Bundle Essentials of Infection Prevention
Infection Control Standards and Guidelines

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