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Speaking Topics
Internationally acclaimed presentations
Speaking topics continued:
  1. Basic PICC Qualification Training for Adults or Pediatric Patients
  2. Inserting PICCs with Ultrasound
  3. Basics of Ultrasound
  4. Best Practices Evidence for Improving Outcomes for PICCs
  5. Safe IV Patient Care
  6. Legal Implications of CLABSI
  7. Sustainability in Infusion Therapy
  8. Treatment of Catheter Infection and Occlusion
  9. Future Perspectives of Vascular Access
  10. Professional Qualification for PICCs
  11. Risk Associated with Exit Site and CVADs
  12. Step by Step Ultrasound Guidance for PICCs
  13. Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Cannula Insertion
  14. PICC Site Assessment Practices
  15. Advanced Ultrasound Assessment
  16. Disinfecting Needleless Connector Protocols
  17. Evolving Specialty of Vascular Access
  18. Treatment Based Clinical Pathway
  19. Legal Implications for Vascular Access
  20. Making Sense of the Guidelines
  21. Reducing CLABSI
  22. Catheter Related Bloodstream Infection Causes Prevention and Best Practices
  23. The Value of Certification
  24. Key Strategies to Preventing Catheter Associated Bloodstream Infections
  25. Expanding into Best Practices
  26. Evidence-based Practices and Standards
Speaking topics:
  1. Tips for Effective Speaking
  2. Protecting Intravenous Catheters from the Inside Out
  3. Why a PICC Team?
  4. Prevention of Peripheral IV Infections
  5. Keeping Lines Open
  6. Effective Management of Central Lines
  7. Clinical Indications for Central Devices
  8. Pediatric PICC Insertion
  9. Early Assessment Clinical Pathways
  10. PICC Tips and Trends
  11. Value of Catheter Securement
  12. Using Evidence Based Practice to Evaluate Products
  13. Identification Management and Prevention of Complications with Central Lines
  14. Right Line for the Right Patient at the Right Time
  15. Vessel Health and Preservation
  16. Multidisciplinary Management of Thrombotic Catheter Occlusion
  17. Clinical Pathways for Vascular Access

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