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CPUI Sample Test

Sample Test Questions

Hospital Evaluation

Sample Questions:

  1. According to INS standards and CDC recommendations, steps for site preparation for the insertion of a peripherally inserted central catheter include all the following except:
    1. Use of maximum drapes.
    2. Establishment of a sterile field with recommended chlorhexidine prepping.
    3. Use of personal protective equipment including head cover, sterile gloves, sterile gown, and mask.
    4. Use of protective footwear.
  2. When prepping the arm for insertion, how large of an area should be prepped?
    1. A 2X2 square directly around the intended insertion site.
    2. A large area, 8-10 inches or more directly around the insertion site, halfway down the arm and high near the shoulder.
    3. Prep the entire body. You never know what you may need to touch.
    4. A 4X4 square directly around the intended insertion site
  3. When is it necessary to do an x-ray confirmation of the terminal tip placement of a PICC?
    1. When the PICC is initially placed.
    2. Following the repositioning of a catheter if fluoroscopy is not used.
    3. Whenever the tip position is questioned.
    4. All of the above
  4. When fluoroscopy is not available, one technique for measurement of a PICC is:
    1. Determine height, weight and arm length; calculate based on these figures.
    2. Insert a round, sterile measuring tape the same diameter as the catheter to get an exact measurement.
    3. Measure up the arm with a 45-90 degree angle, across the chest, and down to the third intercostal on the right.
    4. Get an exact measurement of the patient’s height and divide by 2
  5. What steps are necessary prior to CT high-pressure injection through a PICC?
    1. Confirm the pressure limit for that particular PICC to ensure that it is rated for power injection in cc/sec.
    2. Warm contrast to body temperature to reduce the viscosity
    3. Verify patency by flushing the catheter.
    4. All of the above
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